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Why Bryk

Look for Properties

Find real-time available properties around you.

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Bryk places property management in the palm of your hand.

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BrykApp will help you to manage your services and business

BrykApp - ideal property platform!

BrykApp is the ideal property technology platform, where landlords, tenants, property managers, and service providers can collaborate in an ecosystem, all revolving around a property. We have researched the requirements and needs of every side from the ground-up. Rather than compete, all sides can partner to bring together the ideal PropTech ecosystem. Bringing together a community where all users’ expectations are met.

Main Features

Manage your property portfolio

Designed for property managers and landlords who want to automate, modernize, and grow their business, also for freehold apartment owners, as well as building owners.

Financial insight and control

Manage rent payments, view and send invoices and receipts, send payment reminders, and view your overall income per property. Powerful property management accounting software paired with flexible reporting keeps everything in your business running smoothly.

Modern Communications

Send and receive requests from tenants, landlords, and service providers. It takes just a few minutes to send personalized notes and keep all parties up-to-date with important information using modern communication channels. Save time and effort on communications, and improve transparency.

Find your home

Online and mobile service which will provide you a mobile-friendly site with a modern, responsive design, Search Engine Optimization based on popular industry terms, filters, and your geographic location. This will allow you to find the list of real-time available properties with integrated navigational maps, based on your search criteria’s.

Electronic Documents

Go paperless, by getting all the documents from your landlord online. Your documents such as receipts, invoices, rental agreements, inventory and inspection sheets, will go with and easily accessible by you.

Online Maintenance Requests

Maintenance issues are inevitable and happen at all hours of the day. Using Bryk App, tenants can submit maintenance requests directly to their property management company at their convenience.

Security Features


By being built on Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP), Bryk’s back-end infrastructure is designed with scalability and performance in mind. As the platform grows, Google’s unique infrastructure and services will enable and ensure that Bryk’s growth demands are met.

Data Transport

All communications with the server are encrypted with industry standard HTTPS and compressed data support.

Financial Data Storage

Credit Card and Debit Card details are not stored with Bryk, that is to ensure an additional layer of security for our customers, all transactions are handled by a licensed financial institution under the governance of the Central Bank of Bahrain.

Audit Trail

The platform has a comprehensive audit-trail function in place to ensure all transactions and access are securely stored for audit purposes.

Property Verification

All property verification data is treated as confidential information and is used solely for the purpose of verifying the property’s existence and ownership/right of management.

Further Information

Kindly review our Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions to gain a better understanding of our privacy procedures from a business standpoint.

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